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Tony Mannino, with the assistance of his family- founded Mannino Italian Garden in the winter of 2010-2011.  It was a season of rebuilding and rebranding.  Once the major hurdles were overcome, the revision began. 

Kitchen equipment aside, the aesthetic and atmosphere are important when branding a restaurant.  Without a major investor, this vision took time! It went from the front entrance and slowly progressed from wall to wall and then ceiling to floor.   If you entered this building in 2012 and not again until now, you wouldn't recognize the place.  The dishes however have remained authentic to the chef.  

Freshly marinated chicken, salads made to order, any dish can have an ingredient left off or added in- this is not something you get from a chain establishment.  

We choose to answer the phone for the customer connection and strive to achieve every craving within our menu's limits!

Italian Deli Pasta





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